The Wedding Party




This service is offered to all members that are part of the wedding party including Maids of Honour, Bridesmaids and Mothers of the Bride and Groom. Any other family members to the Bride or Groom are also included in the list. 

 This service includes the application of false lashes as well as a setting spray. A touch-up lip kit is also provided. 

Optional upgrade: Add - on Synthetic Lashes for an additional $10

Optional upgrade: Mink or Silk Lashes for an additional $20

 **Subject to terms and conditions


Eyes Only Option   $55

This service is offered only to members that are part of the wedding party. The service includes eye makeup application, eyebrows and synthetic lashes. 

Optional upgrade: Mink Lashes for an additional $20

This option is budget-friendly and is perfect for clients who are comfortable doing their own face makeup and want a little enhancement for the event.